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                   FCI Approved Breeder

Bordernova Border Collies

Enci-FCI recognized Breeder         

BORDERNOVA Border Collies was born as our first dog came home in 2014, as we realized how special the Border Collie is.

We immediately understood this was the right choice for us, and from that moment on, we dedicated ourselves to the selection and breeding of our first friends, knowing there is still plenty to learn, while trying our best to do it right. 10 years on, we wouldn't dare define ourselves as "breeders" until we will acquire all the proper knowledge.


We are specializing in show lines, dogs that are selected according to their morphology and adherence to the Standard. Show line dogs tend to be generally more calm and normally more manageable than working lines, as they are not bred emphasizing their herding abilities, even if they must maintain the breed's typical instinct and proverbial intelligence.

We constantly take part in international and national dog shows, to keep in touch with other breeders who share our same passion.


We breed about two litters a year, selecting amongst our males or selecting stud males from other breeders for our females, according to our selection of blood lines in Italy and abroad. Parents must be tested for hip dysplasia and for genetically-transferred diseases.

Our dogs are all home-bred and are a big part of our family. Bordernova does not use fences or enclosures. All of our dogs live in our house and garden together. Even though this requires a huge amount of work, it is also very rewarding. Tanya takes care of the dogs 24/7, while Fabrizio also works shifts as an Air Traffic Controller. In 2020 our good Australian friend Jodie Maree Kearney joined us. Jodie is an English teacher in Rome, and a mother of 4 human children :)

Bordernova dogs are in Austria, Slovenia, Malta, Finland and Canada.

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